7-Figure Business Builders Mastermind
WHAT TO EXPECT:  This event is not about "speakers" and them showing off their "big results"...nope... This event is 100% about YOU!  
WHAT HAPPENS: YOU get up in-front of everyone and share your business overview and what you need help with most. Then, 23 high performing entrepreneurs, (plus Danny, James, and Steve Larsen) all pour everything we've got into helping you move your business forward right now (verse you having to learn it all yourself over the next decade!!).
WHO WILL I MEET:  The relationships built at masterminds like this often generate $100,000's or $1,000,000 over the next 3 to 5 years.  It happens all the time.  If you want to be successful, you've got to get around successful people...bottom-line.  For more than 95% of entrepreneurs, this type of mastermind is the only time all year were they'll get to rub shoulders with a room full of high performing entrepreneurs.
BOOM! "Mr. Funnel Builder"
Keynote Speaker:  Steve Larsen!!!
Steve Larsen is known as one of the world's top funnel builders, he's the right-hand man for Russell Brunson and featured on 100s of Clickfunnels videos, podcasts, and blogs.

If you have ever wanted to hear, in a personalized setting, from one of the best funnel builders in the world, this might be your only chance to ever hear directly from someone with this much experience and knowledge on high converting sales funnels.

Steve runs one of the hottest marketing podcasts in the world as well, "Sales Funnel Radio".
  •  Over fifteen 7-Figure Funnels Built
  •  Various 6-figure personal businesses
  •  Conference Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur
"Mr. Business Builder"
Event Host:  James Smiley
James Smiley has become the top B2B Digital Marketing in the country after being featured on Clickfunnel.com, Funnel Hacker Radio, Sales Funnel Radio, The Jason Croft Show, Dallas' shark tank "Boardroom", and many other media outlets for his ability to close 5 & 6 figure digital marketing deals.
  •  $210M In B2B Sales Funnels 
  •  Various 8-Figure Sales Funnels & 100s of Entrepreneur Coaching Students
  •  Silicon Valley SaaS IPO in his twenties, 15.5M subscribers (TeleNav)
  •   Companies James has helped:  Facebook, Amazon, AT&T
Event Details
  • This is a two-day event and only 24 tickets will be sold.  
  • The event is for serious entrepreneurs only who are 100% dedicated to taking their business to the next level RIGHT NOW!
  • The event is 100% focused on YOU!  You stand-up, in front of James, Danny, Steve, and the other group of 6 & 7 figure earners, and tell everyone about your business and what you need help with.  Then watch as everyone pours into you, your business, and changes your future.  Many people walk away from events like this with having made lifetime friends and partners who will make you 6 and 7-figures of additional income over the coming years.  That's the POWER of Mastermind events!
Thursday, November 16th:  8am to 6pm CST 
Friday, November 17th:  8am to 230pm CST
3202 Parkwood Blvd, 
Frisco, TX, 75034
Features Of Our Host Hotel
Aloft Hotel & Suites
3202 Parkwood Blvd, Frisco, TX, 75034
Your Discounted Rate: 
$129 - Wed night
$109 - Thru night
About Frisco, TX 
(15 minutes from DFW Airport and Love Field)
Participation Guidelines...
In order to make the experience as rewarding as possible for all participants, the following guidelines are in effect and will be enforced.

On the next page, there is a basic form you still need to fill out so we know more about you.  Once we get that form, you are officially confirmed to this private meeting with James, Danny, and Steve Larsen.


Plan to stay for the ENTIRE one and a half days. It is not fair to the rest of the group members for you to leave early. The meeting begins promptly at 8 AM CST, so we REQUIRE YOU TO SHOW UP ON-TIME so as to not delay the start of the meeting. There is a 60-minute lunch break and food is very close by.


You can record when it is your turn on the hot seat, but ONLY if you notify the group that you are recording. You CANNOT record during any other time (no voice recording, no video recording, no streaming the event, etc).


Networking is always encouraged but obviously JS Marketing Solutions LLC does not “endorse” or make any “guarantees” of any kind, whether written or implied, about this event or about any peoples, products, or services in association with this event.


You will have an opportunity to stand up in front of everyone during our HOT SEAT sessions. You'll be asked to share (1) what problem you solve in the world and (2) what your big goals are and what you need help with most. This is a great time for others to help you build your business and they will. Be prepared to have someone take photos of you if needed. It is common that people get a ton of priceless advice on...speaking, writing, coaching, consulting, running a business, branding, platform selling, marketing, sales, organizational structure, business structure, growing an agency, scaling your income, multiple income streams, outsourcing, & Internet marketing.


A $100 Cancellation Fee is applied, per seat, if you reserve seats and do not show up. This event, like all of James' events and programs, is not for tire kickers or people who are just thinking about making a difference in their business. We have dozens of people on a waiting list ready to purchase these tickets so please do not reserve a seat if you're "just thinking about it" as we'd like to give your ticket to someone who's 100% dedicated to growing their business at this event.
Do you pair people up to be roommate?

No, we do not pair coaching students up with each other.

Do you know which airport I should fly in to for Mastermind meetings or events?

“DFW” is closest but “Dallas Love Field” isn’t too much further. Either will work.

Do you know what sites are close to the hotel?

Please contact the hotel or see the “About Frisco” section above.

Can I schedule a one-on-one with James or Danny at the Mastermind meetings?

James' and Danny's schedule is completely booked up weeks in advance around these events so unfortunately, you can not book one-on-one time. 
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