Hosted by James Smiley and Arne Giske
October 19 & 20, 2018 - San Diego, CA
What If You Got ALL THIS DONE 
In Just 48 Hours?  
  Sales Funnels
  Social Media Distribution
  Sales / Email Copy
  Facebook Ads 
  High-Ticket Sales
  Your "Signature Speech"
Click below to attend this one-of-a-kind "Workshop" where real 7-Figure digital marketers work WITH YOU, shoulder-to-shoulder, to solve these 6 critical areas of focus in your business. 
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Our Promise To You If You Attend...
Attendees of this event will not only leave with a plan to scale their business to multi 6 figures using social media, but they will setup the funnels, launch plans, and timeless marketing strategies to get them there before the weekend is over.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to apply for a seat at this exclusive event, sign up, attend, put the work in, dominate your market and bring your business to $30k+ months within 3-6 months.
What’s Different About This Event vs Other Masterminds?
While most masterminds are a meeting of people sharing ideas and scribbling some notes, lightbulb moments only bring you so far…

We want to help you materialize those ideas on the spot and build funnels, launch plans, campaigns, and content on the spot so you KNOW you’re getting your money’s worth.

Don’t apply if you want to just sit in the back and take notes, this event is for action takers who are ready to roll and create something great before the weekend is over.
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Who This Event IS For & is NOT For:
This event will be exclusive to certain types of people and businesses, and definitely not beginner friendly. For us to be able to deliver our highest value content, we cannot water it down for a beginner audience. You will be challenged by this content and you will not see it anywhere else. These are the behind the scenes strategies that run our 6/7 figure businesses.

Our ideal attendee is already doing 5 or 6 figures in sales, has invested time into their online presence, funnels, & social media, and is coachable, ready to build new digital assets, and willing to be consistent in their efforts to get to $30k+ months in the next 3-6 months.
Arne Giske
Arne Giske is the founder of the Millennial Entrepreneur Community with over 74,000 members and has trained over 20,000 people to grow & monetize Facebook groups. The group is the vehicle, but the REAL money lies in leveraging other sales, marketing, and branding elements to build a multi 6-figure business using social media & funnels. He’ll be covering:
  •  How To Immediately Warm-up Your Audience Through FB Groups & Chatbots
  •  The 3 Step Retargeting Strategy To Earn Credibility, Stay Top Of Mind, And Get Sales 24/7 
  •  The Product Launch Blueprint That Every Social Media Marketer Needs To Implement To Add An Additional $30k+ Per Month To Their Business 
  •  How To Write Engaging Social Media Posts That Sell Your Offers & Improve Your Brand
Hosted By James Smiley
7-8 Figure Business Growth Expert | $0 to $20M Twice
  •  $210M In B2B Sales before the age of 25
  •  Various 8-Figure Sales Funnels & 100s of entrepreneur coaching students  
  •  Trained Over 12,000 B2B Sales Reps across North America 
  •  Silicon Valley SaaS IPO in his twenties, 15.5M Subscribers (TeleNav)  
Companies James Has Served:
Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?
And most importantly, LEAVE this event with a new funnel built, a chatbot built, a launch strategy outlined, AND your retargeting campaign setup & running BEFORE the end of the weekend!
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