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This High-Ticket Lead Generation System Includes: 
6 Paid & 13 Unpaid Lead-Gen Secrets ($1,997 Value)
...with Steve Larsen and James Smiley
  • Get access to our proven and unlimited lead-gen system specifically created for agencies and consulting practices who are ready to SCALE QUICKLY. Stop guessing what works and what doesn’t –We’ve already done the work for you!
  • The top 10 fastest FREE ways to start selling anything online. NO NEED FOR... crazy ad spend, complex tech, or additional staff to launch –All of them doable in under 90 minutes flat!
  • The simple “break the internet” hack framework we use to make videos go viral (7 examples shown) –BEST for agencies and coaches who want to scale their growth in under 3 months!
  • ​The absolute best, yet hidden place online to find massively under priced leads for any B2B company or local business! –A secret oasis filled with ready-to-talk qualified neglected prospects waiting for you to make contact! 
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7 Secret Techniques To Mastering Online Lead-Gen & Profitable Launches ($997 Value)
...with Chad Thibodeaux and James Smiley
  • Get access to my private High-Converting sales script, responsible for closing 48 Fortune 500, and over 2,341 high-ticket clients! My closest friends and associates BEGGED me not to share this script –and some even offered to buy the exclusive rights to it!
  • How to launch any product or service online in 28 days or less with a team of one and without expensive funnels and software... or insane ad budgets! –In fact if you can’t do it in this time frame or less, you shouldn’t do it at all… Because it may actually eliminate any chance you have to make a profit! ...AND why copying other GREAT marketers’ launches may be ruining your business!
  • ​Use our FREE Magnetic Following System designed to build a frantic horde of high-ticket prospects who will crawl through broken glass to work with you! PLUS… learn how to keep, manage, and scale the steady new inflow of clients you’ll get as a result! 
  • NEVER BEFORE REVEALED! ...This is the single most profitable High-Ticket Video Funnel for perpetual traffic on the web! ...It works best when in combination with my high converting sales script, and our magnetic following high-ticket system... This lethal mix will automatically boost your sales time and time again, almost making it feel like you’re gaming the system!
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High-Ticket Lead-Gen Mastery ($1997 Value)
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...with Steve Larson and James Smiley
 James & Steve's Top 3 B2B Lead-Gen Frameworks
 The B2B Digital Marketing Agency "Unlimited Lead-Gen" Systems
 How To Price Your Agency Services To Maximize Results For Clients And Profits For Yourself
 Viral Video Marketing Secrets That Got Us Over 1M Video Views Without Ad Spend
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Influencers Conference VIP Mastermind
(tickets were $997)
 How To Write A Book And Get Published In 30 Days Or Less
 Entrepreneur Team Building & James' Outsourcing Automation System
 Presentations from 8 Industry Leading Influencers
 How To Master Dynamic Public Speaking From Toastmasters Semi-Finalist Brian Williams
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I  stand by the integrity of all my products so you always get the value you deserve.  My personal guarantee to you includes:
I 100% guarantee you will get 10x the value (or more) from these secret trainings (your investment is only $11!).  

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