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"James has a truely life changing message that every organization needs to hear!  He's dynamic and authentic..."
- Brian Williams - 
CEO, Perspectivity
Toastmasters World Speakers Semi-Finalist
"You'll never forget the life changing story of James, his son, and his walk through life.  My life has been altered..."
- Chris Griffen, CEO Hover Energy -
Pastor, Gateway Church
"James' is dynamic and his message has life changing power.  This guy is no'll never forget hearing him!"
- Bryan Reynolds -
Founder, Anthem Coffee Shops
Co-Founder, Kickstart Kings
Executive Business Coach
"Smiley has spoken to tens of thousands of people over his lifetime...he's one of the best kept secrets in the speaker community!"
- Steve Hays, CEO, Happy Life Studios -
"James' testimony as a father, husband, and businessman is an example of the character and integrity that is missing in today's society!"
- Brandon Rickabaugh -
Professor and Philosopher, Baylor University
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