Vegas Mastermind Date:  January 16th (Tuesday)
Vegas Mastermind Date:  January 16th (Tuesday)
 Support:  (888) 506-3809
 Support:  (888) 506-3809
Steve & James' Vegas Mastermind
You're Invited To The ONLY One-Day Mastermind Designed to Get 
You High-Paying B2B & B2C RESULTS On The Spot!
Look, I know what you are thinking: "Steve and James...
how do your clients get those kind of RESULTS?"
There are really just 5 reasons why YOU will get more results, get more done, and see more progress in this 1 day, then most people do in A YEAR... 
here they are:
  •  A Total Immersion Experience At Every Level Of Your Business - by being around some of the most in-demand and successful online and offline entrepreneurs, for a full day, and getting to observe how they think and what they specifically do in their businesses... This leaves you NO CHOICE but to walk away with the right mindset and skills you need to get to the next level.  The is the most fundamental way humans learn anywhere in the world...
  •   Learning Environment The Fosters Immediate Results - by demonstrating and getting hands on practice with the skills needed for high performance in your business, you instantly condition into yourself the behaviors and habits necessary for immediate and long term business growth and success.
  •   Constructive Feedback Driving Immediate Improvement - by learning from Steve and James (and some of the top 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs in the world who attend these events) as they show you live, working examples of how to be successful at selling over the phone, selling in person, selling online, funnels, outsourcing, and quick client acquisition models... there's just no way you won't succeed once you see these techniques and secret business models. Plus, you'll get IMMEDIATE feedback on your personal business, your approach, and your strategy, so you can get results and get them faster.
  •   Million Dollar Networking & Relationship Building - If you want to be a winner, you need to get around the winners.  If you want to be a shooting guard in the NBA, you have to get around the shooters... bottom-line!  So by going to this exclusive mastermind, full of highly successful entrepreneurs, you build friendships and business partnerships that can last a lifetime and doors open up for you like never before.  Its crazy to think about, but usually someone in the room is that partner who you can easily make a million dollar with... this happens all the time at masterminds and this is the power of masterminds that you just don't get at conferences.
  •   Help On The Spot - One of the biggest reasons why people fail is it takes them forever to get something done because no one ever shows them the step-by-step strategies to do it.  It takes forever to do a website, write a webinar, and get traffic... then the worst is when you do all that only to find out that your strategy was all messed up and your efforts are all for not anyway.  This happens every day in entrepreneur-land (as you know).  So that's why it's a lot easier when you're in an event where peers and leaders actually help you get the details worked out.
You've got to admit... when you stack all those things in your favor... do all the right things, and surround yourself with all the right people, then there's just NO OTHER option but for you to succeed.  And that's exactly why we structure our event the way we do... this is not a "conference"... this is not a "marketing event"... this is a mastermind all about YOU!  
You're Basically Hiring The Most In-Demand B2B And B2C 
Marketing Authorities To Help Grow Your Business!
Steve Larsen
Top Ranked Online Marketing Authority
Steve Larsen quickly became one of the top marketing authorities in the world after leading 1000s of business owners & mentoring 100s of Two-Comma Club members to online sales success.  He served as right-hand man to Russell Brunson, has ran 11 businesses, and has produced 1000s of pieces of high-value online content.

If you have ever wanted to hear, in a personalized small-group style setting, from one of the most in-demand marketers in the world,
this is your chance!
  •  Over fifteen 7-Figure Funnels Built
  •  Various 6-figure personal businesses
  •  Conference Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur
James Smiley
Top Ranked B2B Digital Marketer
James Smiley has become the top B2B Digital Marketing in the country after being featured on, Funnel Hacker Radio, Sales Funnel Radio, The Jason Croft Show, Dallas' shark tank "Boardroom", and many other media outlets for his ability to close 5 & 6 figure digital marketing deals.
  •  $210M In B2B Sales Funnels 
  •  Various 8-Figure Sales Funnels & 100s of Entrepreneur Coaching Students
  •  Silicon Valley SaaS IPO in his twenties, 15.5M subscribers (TeleNav)
  •   Companies James has helped:  Facebook, Amazon, AT&T
Special Guest: Tracey Wong
"Video Authority Brander"
Tracey Wong is one of the most in-demand authority video filmmakers around.  She has clients such as top rated B2B digital marketer James Smiley, top funnel authority Steve Larsen, and 2 Comma Club Winner Danny Veiga.   In 2017, her videos helped entrepreneurs generate 6-figure incomes and she's also is known for organic viral videos that have reached up to 2.6 million people in 13 days without any ad spend.

Her other corporate clients include several $20M-$50M non-profit companies.

Tracey is a USC grad and majored in International Relations.
  •  No Ad-Spend "Viral Video" Expert
  •  Multiple 6 & 7 Figure Clients
  •  Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur
"We Have BIG PLANS For You At This 
Exclusive Mastermind Event..."
Steve Will Be Revealing...
  •  3 Secrets To Unlimited Leads In Any Industry  
  •  Turning Your Best Ideas Into Millions Without Creating Anything
  •   3 Secrets Creating A New Niche (and new revenue streams) For Your Existing Offers
  •   Re-Structuring Beliefs In Your Prospect's Mind (so they close 400% faster!)
  •   4 Secrets To Instantly Improve Your "Cost To Acquire A Customer" 200% Or More
  •   How To Eliminate False Beliefs Before Your Customer Thinks About Them
James Will Be Revealing...
  •  The Secret To Creating Your Own BLUE OCEAN (how James did it for a Silicon Valley $350M IPO and with a Fortune 10)
  •  The Business Model And Financial Plan Needed To Scale From 6 To 7-Figures, 7 To 8-Figures, and 8 To 9-Figures
  •   The 3 Digital Marketing Hacks James Used To Generate Over $210M In Sales Before The Age Of 35
  •   3 Executive Growth Strategies Learned To Take A Fortune 10 From $0 To $20M In Two Years
  •   The Secret To Getting Lifelong RESIDUAL INCOME From Every Deal
  •   The Most Ninja High-Ticket Sales "Mind-Tricks" Of All-Time (trained to over 11,000 B2B sales reps in 3 countries over the past 14 years)
Tracey Will Be Revealing...
  •  2 Secret Video Funnels That Get FREE $5k To $15k Clients (no leads...CLIENTS!
  •   A Sneak Peak Into The Video Funnel That Got 1.8M Views In 13 Days With Zero Ad Spend
  •   The #1 Video Storyboard For Entrepreneurs That Gets 1200% More Social Shares
  •   How Anyone Can Leverage Video To Become An Instant Authority (and instantly demand high-ticket sales)
The relationships built at our masterminds often generate $100,000's or $1,000,000 in revenue over the next 3 to 5 years; we hear about these things happening all the time.  If you want to be successful, you have to get around successful people...bottom-line.  For more than 95% of entrepreneurs, this type of mastermind is the only time, all year, were they'll rub shoulders with a room full of real 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs.
Tuesday, January 16th (all day)

Las Vegas, NV
(Hotel location coming soon...)
Event Details
  • This is a one-day event and only 20 tickets will be sold.  
  • The event is for serious entrepreneurs and small business owners who absolutely need to take their business to the next level RIGHT NOW!
  • This event is 100% focused on YOU!  Many people walk away from events like this having built life-long partnerships; and many go on to make 6 and 7-figures of additional income with friends they meet at events like this.
Participation Guidelines...
In order to make the experience as rewarding as possible for all participants, the following guidelines are in effect and will be enforced.

On the next page, there is a form you still need to fill out so we know more about you.  Once we get that form, you are officially confirmed to this private mastermind with James Smiley and Steve Larsen.


Plan to stay for the ENTIRE full day. It is not fair to the rest of the group members for you to leave early. The meeting begins promptly at 8 AM CST, so we REQUIRE YOU TO SHOW UP ON-TIME so as to not delay the start of the meeting. 


You CANNOT record during the event at anytime.  (no voice recording, no video recording, no streaming the event, etc).


Networking is always encouraged but obviously JS Marketing Solutions LLC does not “endorse” or make any “guarantees” of any kind, whether written or implied, about this event or about any peoples, products, or services in association with this event.


A $100 Cancellation Fee is applied, per seat, if you reserve seats and do not show up. This event, like any serious Mastermind event, is not for tire kickers or people who are "just thinking" about making a difference in their business. We can at times have dozens of people on a waiting list ready to purchase your seat so do not reserve a seat if you're "just thinking about it" as we'd like to give your ticket to someone who's 100% dedicated to growing their business at this event.
Do you pair people up to be roommate?

No, we do not pair coaching students up with each other.

Do you know which airport I should fly in to for Mastermind meetings or events?

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Can I schedule a one-on-one with James or Steve at the Mastermind meetings?

Please contact James Smiley directly on Facebook Messenger if you want to request a one-on-one, paid consultation.
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